Art Creations

Making Masterpieces One Brush Stroke
At a Time

With Art Creations Plus, the sky is the limit. We offer a variety of different painting and art classes. For more information, give us a call today at 619-440-3320.

Our Classes


Painting Class

Our painting class is great for painters of all different levels – beginner, intermediate, and expert.


Art Class

Our art classes include a variety of different art styles and techniques. For a well-rounded lesson, take our art classes today!


Oil Painting Class

Since as early as the 11th century, oil has been used as a painting medium. Get in touch with the fine art of oil painting with Art Creations Plus.


Acrylic Class

Here at Art Creations Plus, we like variety. Our experts will teach you the proper way of applying acrylic on a variety of surfaces.

Painting is a perfect opportunity to not only be creative, but it’s great for group activities too. Have a girl’s night and do a paint night. If you’re looking for a solo hobby, painting is perfect for that too. Regardless of the type of art class you choose, Arts Creations Plus is always the answer!